In 1932 Christy Canny, a young entrepreneur, started the first Canny’s Garage in Old Blackrock Road Cork City. Back then Christy would have been known as a ‘Motor Engineer’. Most of his work would have been in servicing, repairs and some used car sales in Cork City.

Christy also had his own transport company and delivered barrells of stout for Beamish and Crawford all over Munster. Later Christy was joined in the business by his enterprising son Don who expanded the family holdings to include Canny’s Pub on Anglesea Street, Cork City. Don, always the impresario, also ran the famous Grand Central dancehall on Merchants Quay in the city centre.

In 1953 Don decided to sell Canny’s Bar but kept a portion of the property to sustain his new venture which involved the purchase of a fleet of buses. After eleven successful years Don saw the opportunity to re-enter the motor trade and he opened the second Canny’s Garage on Anglesea Street in 1964. Don was joined by his sons Tony and Don junior who ran a thriving business and built a great reputation supplying and servicing quality cars to the people of Cork until the year 2000.

Now the mantle has been passed to the fourth generation and Don Junior’s son David Canny has opened the third Canny’s Garage in White Street Cork City. David maintains the family tradition and belief in great service, good value and top quality.


Dave Canny

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